Foodsense (2018)

Plates of delectable fruits are served in a cocktail party atmosphere complete with smooth jazz. The intense colored lights, music, and a passionfruit-scented air-freshener serve to distort the senses of the party-goers.

(stills from installation at University of Minnesota)

No Class (2016)

No Class Documentation

Upon receiving the news that class has been cancelled, I wander back to my on campus apartment. Participants follow me into the kitchen where I proceed to make a bowl of cereal and hang out with my friends. The participants are not acknowledged by performers, nor are they offered any sort of accomodations or seating. The performance is improvised and has an indefinite duration, it is only complete when the last participant leaves the apartment.

(still from video of performance at Hampshire College, video available upon request)

Wet Paint (2016)

A gallery of famous "art" is disgraced and mutilated before your eyes.

(stills from installation at Hampshire College, video available upon request)

Untitled (2016)

Untitled Documentation

Presented on a large scale rear-projection screen (~ 18' x 30') on one wall of a large public atrium, the piece is a 5 minute looping video depicting the opposite side of the atrium. When viewers pass through the atrium the projected image closely resembles what one would see if the screen was turned off or not working, reflecting its surroundings. While observing the piece, the viewer sees a reflection identical to their surroundings missing just their presence.

(still from looping video, full version available upon request)