Banabox Instructional Videos (series, 2019 - 2020)

TRT 7:34

camera, editor

A series of instructional videos on Japanese flower arrangement produced for Banabox.

DriveMount Animations (2018)

camera, editor, concept

Marketing materials for DriveMount, more at

Mount Holyoke Antique Clothing Collection (2016)

TRT 4:05

camera, editor

A short promotional video commissioned by the Mount Holyoke College Theatre department.

Ken Burns Interview (2015)

TRT 1:13

camera, assistant lighting

A short interview with Ken Burns for Hampshire College.

Shelby Head Art Video (2015)

TRT 2:19

cinematographer, editor

Shelby Head's Website

Salman Hameed Profile (2015)

TRT 1:05


A short interview with Salman Hameed for Hampshire College.

Science ka Adda (ongoing series, 2015 - )

15 episodes

editor, camera

A series of educational astronomy videos for Pakistani audiences.

More episodes

News article featured in DAWN

Production stills

Path of Darkness Promo (2014)

TRT 1:00

cinematographer, editor

A short promotional video for a friend's "film noir" stage production.

San Francisco Frozen Film Festival Promo (2014)

TRT 0:15

director, editor, cinematographer, concept

A short promotional video for the Frozen Film Festival.

Summer Wind Animated Logo (2012)

TRT 0:10

animator, editor

Animated logo for local wedding film company.